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    New Student To The Industry. Looking For Advice!

    Hi All

    I am extremely new to this industry and looking for some hints and tips to assist me with making this an exciting career path.
    Looking for any tips on breaking into the industry from screenwriting, digital editing or possibly acting!

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



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    Posted 7 months ago.

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    1. Jeffrey Lebowski

      Those three disciplines would be quite different, even if they are in a similar industry. But if you are interested in all three I would suggest one thing. Make your own movie. It doesn't have to be oscar winning or look incredible. Just grab your phone or a camera that has a half decent video function on it and make yourself a short video.

      Write a 5 page screenplay of something you know you can film. Something as simple as friends sitting around a table having dinner chatting. You can be one of the actors. Or a parent making dinner. Then once it's filmed, you can edit it. That will give you flavour of all three.

      Once you have made a few of these shorts, each one better than the next, you will know what you want to do most. And believe it or not after you have made a few, due to researching how to do all that, you will stumble across you answer about breaking into the industry.

      It's hard, but start small, make your own stuff, do your research on filming, editing, acting. Once you feel your movies are good enough, start submitting them to local film festivals and proceed from there. If you keep at it. The rest will follow.

      Posted 7 months ago

    1. B. Robertson

      Grace, I believe any one of those career paths are hard enough to get into on their own. I know it’s difficult but I would recommend concentrate on the one you feel strongest in and put everything into that — then if you still want, move into one of your other choices later from a hopefully stronger, informed position. Hints and tips are worthless if you don’t have the ‘goods’ at the back of it. Get yourself and your talent out there, it’s never been better—or possibly worse than now to get yourself known for what you can do. There’s one thing I have gleaned, and - I promise you, this is not me bing mean - but most pro writers I know - and one or two actors away back ( I work in children’s publishing) have expressed resentment, ridicule of people asking for hits and tips, especially if they feel they themselves “came up the hard way”. That said, my tip would be: do what you love for you, and then, someone who counts, might love it too—sooner or later. All art is frustrating and by nature, very personal, but honest, sometimes brutal decisions need to be made by the artist at the end of the day if they are to succeed. Failing that, go on love Island or the xfactor. B.

      Posted 7 months ago