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    Unnamed Script Act 1 Scene !

    Act 1 Scene 1

    Scene opens with an empty stage, spotlight on a desk, Laura sits behind her desk finishing up some paperwork. She has a grease stain on her forehead and has tools scattered all over the room. The lighting is icy blue to represent Laura’s isolation.

    Laura’s mother, Maria, enters stage left. The lights around her turn warm as she walks in.

    M: (Looks around the room in disgust.) Honey, I know you’ve never been one for housekeeping but you could at least tidy up the office every once in a while.
    (She laughs while picking up various items and putting them in their place.)
    You could probably even hire someone to do it for you now a days.

    L: (She doesn’t look up from the paperwork.) Mom, you know I don't have the time or money for that. (Looks up.) Besides you do the cleaning for free! (Chuckles.) I’ll pick the rest up before I go home tonight, I’ve been pretty busy lately and honestly cleaning hasn’t been at the top of my list.

    M: I just think maybe you would attract more customers if you tidied up your office a bit… sometimes you remind me so much of your dad. (She is suddenly anxious) Speaking of your father, he called a few days ago and he said he wanted to see you, and asked if you would grab a coffee with him tomorrow. Before you say no I already told him you would. (she smiles weakly as if preparing to give up)

    L: (Refusing to meet her gaze)
    I thought I told you I didn’t want to see him anymore.
    (Frowns and returns to paperwork.)
    Tell him I caught a cold or something.

    M: (Looks over at Laura.) You’re going to have to see him eventually. (puts a hand on her shoulder and gets ready to stand up)
    he’s not the monster you think he is honey.

    L: I still don't want to see him though.

    M: (sigh) I know.

    (Maria leaves a kiss on Laura’s head and leaves her. The lighting changes back to blue. The next scene opens Laura walks and waits for her father. He has never been reliable, she doesn't expect him to show.)

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