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    Unnamed Script Act 1 Scene 2

    Act 1 Scene 2
    The bartender Tony is scrubbing the tables, the lights on him are a warm orange, Laura enters.
    (speaks very flamboyantly.)
    T: Laura! Good to see you! It’s been forEVER. I missed you! I’m assuming you’re getting the usual. I haven’t made an iced latte with three pumps of caramel in ages. I’m just joking! It’s my second favorite drink in this shop besides of course the pumpkin spice latte.

    L: (Kind of dazed)(laughs regardless) It's fine Tony just a black coffee, please.

    T: What do you mean just black coffee?! You used to come here every Sunday and beg me for an iced latte with three shots of caramel, and now no cream, no sugar… (Rambles off about how offended he is….)

    L: Calm down Tony. (giggles, this is the first time we haven’t heard her laugh like this before. ) I just don’t feel like having too much sugar today that’s all.

    (A familiar face stumbles in he looks polished yet, somewhat all over the place. Marcus Blauman, a famous CEO and innovator walks in.) (The screen in the background flood’s with articles written about him along with family pictures.)

    M: Laura? is that you darling? It's been so long!

    L: (Flatley) Dad…

    M: I just got off the plane from Dubai, and I knew I had to see you.
    (Coffee arrives and Tony gives Mr.Blauman a nasty look.)
    Thanks (looks for the name tag.) Anthony.

    M: This is quite the place dear. Has a nice (Looks around somewhat disgusted.) rustic vibe.

    L: (Abruptly) What did you need to tell me, dad? (calms down a bit) I mean why did you suddenly need to meet me in person, (unimpressed) not that you ever call.

    M: Darling, you know how much I adore your mother.

    L: The one you abandoned for some girl in the Bahamas?

    M: And how I really did try to get her back.

    L: You called her twice then fought her for custody of me.

    M: (clearly ignoring her) Laura, I’ve met someone new, and I really do think you are going to get on with her. She’s funny, smart, kind… the list goes on. (chuckles) That’s why I wanted to see you. I want you to meet her.

    L: (Looking away) Have you told mom? I don’t want to meet her if mom doesn’t know.

    M: I tried when I called, but you know your mother, she hung up before I got the chance. This may be far fetched but (reaches out to touch her hand) would it be too much to ask if you could tell her.

    L: (Jerks hand away) Yes. Yes, it would. (gets up to leave) You have two days to tell mom, or I am not meeting her. (grabs jacket and thanks Tony.) Bye Marcus.

    (she leaves Marcus alone in the coffee shop shocked he puts his head in his hands and groans.)


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