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    Unnamed Script Act 1 Scene 3

    Act 1 Scene 3
    The scene opens in a modern apartment it’s scattered with pictures of Marcus and various others. One picture of Laura is in the center. Richelle walks in a tight dress and high heels. She places the picture face down. She is obviously much younger than Marcus.

    R: Darling, what time is Lauren getting here?

    M: Laura? Uh… She said at 7 pm but her mother said there was a bit of traffic near Wesley Street.

    R: (Jealous) You told me you weren’t in touch with her mother.

    M: I’m not normally but when it comes to Laura everything I do has to go through Maria. It’s aggravating but (breath) it’s my daughter. Even though she’s 19, Maria is still on my case. “What time will she be back? Are you going to feed her? Do you remember that she's allergic to cats?” It's like she’s 8 again. (sits down on the couch and buries head in hands)

    R: (Sits next to her) Maybe you should try telling her that. She can’t tell you off like that. I mean Laurels your daughter too. (Sits next to him and puts a hand on shoulder) (goes to kiss him)

    A knock on the door interrupts them making Marcus rush to it. Leaving Richelle fuming with anger. A bustling is heard filled with awkward greetings. Richelle tidies her dress and walks towards the door.

    R: (fake smile) Hello you must be Lara.

    L: (seething) Laura.

    R: Oh pardon me, silly mistake. I’m Richelle. Your father's Fiancee. (shows the ring and smiles)

    L: Sorry for a minute I thought you were one of his students.

    R: Marcus quit teaching years ago. I thought that would be something you would know. Considering you’re his daughter.

    L: I haven’t had much contact with my father for the last 11 years but you would know that. (mockingly) Considering you’re his fiancee and all.

    R: I really do feel bad about that though! That’s why I asked him to invite you, I just feel it’s not fair to have us start a new family (smiles evilly) without reconnecting with our old one.

    L: Wait! You’re pregnant? Oh my god. (gags a little bit)

    R: Not yet, but I hope to be… after we get married of course.

    M: (entering the room again, not having heard any of the conversation.) I am so glad you two girls have gotten to talking.

    R: It was really nice getting to know Laura. I can’t even believe we’ve never met before.

    L: (Under her breath) Considering the fact that you’re practically my age I suppose it is surprising.(Full volume but sarcastic) How did you and my father even meet. Were you a “model” or something? Because if the past repeats itself you won’t be sticking around too long. (Laura smirks)

    R: Excuse me but I was his Secretary (realizes this doesn’t help) and anyways we are of similar ages… Regardless your father is marrying me because he loves me not to spite you or your mother even though I can now see why that would be so appealing.

    M: (Can sense that the argument is getting heated.) (Somewhat angry) Richelle darling, can I speak to you in the other room please.
    (Gets up to leave while Richelle stays behind.)

    M: NOW Richelle.

    L: Its fine dad I’ll just be going, (begins tearing up) Thanks for dinner. Goodnight.
    (Laura leaves the room quickly)

    R:(Almost the second Laura leaves) Darling, she’s already trying to tear us apart.

    M: The way you acted was unacceptable. (Pacing) I had told you that Laura didn’t want to meet me and you know what you did, you made it worse Richelle. (beat) She’s never gonna want to see me again.

    R: How do you think I feel Marcus. She verbally attacked me. I was afraid she would snap! Mark she was the one being rude.

    M: You knew my relationship with her was fragile. Her mother has been telling her awful, and untrue, things about me and my personal life, and you acting like that may as well have told her and her mother was right. (Stops pacing) Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

    R: Are you seriously taking her side?! She had the audacity to insult me in my own home! You can’t seriously be taking her side. You can’t possibly trade a real relationship with me for a broken one with her. She may be your daughter but she hasn’t been there for you like I have.

    M: God Richelle you just blow up, you don't think about anyone or anything but yourself and your feelings. I just don’t think I have the energy for it anymore.

    R: (crying) What are you talking about?

    M: (angry yet sad) I think you need to find somewhere to stay for the time being.

    R: You can’t be serious!

    M: I need to fix my relationship with my daughter and I can’t do that with you going batshit because you’re jealous of every female in my life that isn’t you.

    R: Why is it the second that she comes into your life again you become a completely different person? Where’s the man I fell in love with?

    M: You can’t seriously be mad at me for wanting a relationship with my daughter? I need to be an adult Richelle I can’t just run away when things get hard anymore. (breath) I need you to leave. (Marcus shepherds Richelle towards the door and hands her fur coat.) I need to build a relationship with Laura and I need to be able to spend some time with her in a calm situation to do that.

    R: You’re actually being serious? What about me Marcus? (closing the door on her.) What the hell Marcus let me in please just let me back in and we can talk about this.

    M: Just for now I promise. Goodnight Richelle.

    R: (Hopelessly) I love you, Marcus, please let me in …

    M: Goodnight.

    The scene ends with Richelle crying at Marcus’ doorstep, she has mascara falling down her cheek. Her phone opens, a projection of the phone screen opens. She sends a text it reads “I'm done playing games, Marcus. - R” still crying gets up to goes. Blackout.

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