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    Unyielding Progress

    A desperate soul holds a cup of sorrow
    An ownerless shop, a hip bar tomorrow
    Two lovers discuss their wedding plans
    A once hostile crowd, now understands

    The young discuss, and challenge truth
    The old dismiss, too long in tooth
    Traffic stalls round College Green
    A forward plan is still unseen

    So what became of this old town,
    This bustling place of great renown?
    Would Pearse accept this booming mess,
    Jim C content with workplace stress?

    The Brits packed up, the church arrived
    The weapons left, despair survived
    The banks enlarged, and cash moved faster
    Will we always need a master?

    And as we all pay sky high rent
    To vulture funds outside the tent
    In this country where we have no stake
    Should we all just eat some cake?

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    Posted 3 months ago.

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  • Comments

    1. Boris Johnson

      Like it a lot. You should send it to Leo V.

      Posted 3 months ago

    1. Señor Spielbergo

      That was great. Almost wished it was a little longer. The line “Will we always need a master?” felt a little out of place in the overall thing. It does make sense in terms of when the brits ran the show. But I’m not sure we really have a master in this day in age. But overall I really enjoyed it. Has shades of John Cooper Clarke about it.

      Posted 3 months ago

    1. Brian Ua

      Really enjoyed this.

      Posted 3 months ago