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    The Terrible Two

    The terrible two who do not sleep
    Who make us err and make us weep
    They have us toss and turn at night
    When pulses race, and chests get tight

    The first prevents you being your best
    Just before your biggest test
    Or in your car, oh look you've stalled
    Anxiety is what it's called

    The second strikes when you can't cope
    It scars your soul, and takes all hope
    When lacking sleep, it plays its game
    Depression is, it's ghastly name

    So how to fight this deadly pair?
    Use these tools, see how you fair
    Mindfulness and ABC
    They sometimes work, and both are free

    Whatever way you bring the fight
    Don't let what's good go out of sight
    Try be strong, and try be brave
    Attempt a move outside the cave

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    Posted 2 months ago.

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