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    “News Flash

    “News flash - this just in – a previously undetected meteorite is currently being tracked on a collision course with northern Russia and is expected to impact sometime in the next fifteen to twenty minutes. The subsequent shockwave is expected to devastate all life on earth. We suggest you do what you can to reach out to loved ones and spend these few remaining moments with them. And may God have mercy on us all.”
    Walter sat back slowly and for the first time in his thirty years presenting the news realized it didn’t matter if the red “live” light had gone off or not. Billy peered out from behind the camera looking pale and as always for some sense of direction from the older man. Walter saw Daniels, the producer, storming out from the control booth.
    “What are you doing?” Daniels cried angrily. Walter stood up lethargically, undoing the knot in his tie. “Phil, it’s alright” Walter said as he reached an arm out toward him. Daniels brushed past him “We still have a job to do, we have to report on this, we still have a goddamn job to do.”
    Walter put both hands in his pockets and moved away from behind the desk, watching Daniels sit heavily into the chair. “We’re not done yet, we still have a job to do, some of us are still professionals.” Billy slid off his place by the camera. And strolled after Walter who was just pushing his way through the fire exit to the brightness outside the studio. Daniels sat with both hands spread in front of him on the desk. “I’m not done yet”.

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