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    “Nobody Goes There Anymore”

    “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Alice flicked yet another rotten cigarette stub into the drain. “What are you talking about?” he asked as he hopped down from the damp wall on which they had both been sitting. “It’s the graveyard and it’s Saturday night?”

    He had wanted to sound playful or flirtatious, but some of his suspicion had crept out. Alice concentrated on the black tutu she was wearing in order to avoid eye contact. Next she fumbled with her Ankh necklace and started into an explanation: “I went there last Saturday with Adam. We were going to get stoned, but there was a couple there going at it in the bushes.”

    “Another couple.” he corrected testily. “What do you mean another couple?” she asked in a puzzled tone yet knowing full well where his insecurity was taking the conversation. “You and Adam were interrupted by another couple, so you couldn’t fuck amongst the headstones the same as we did.” Now it was Alice’s turn to hop down from the wall. “You heard me saying we were going there for a smoke. We all used to go there to get smashed before this incessant need for everyone to pair off with each other started. Yes, you and I hooked up, so what. I went there alone with Adam and maybe I would have hooked up with him as well. Again, so what?”

    “My whole reason for being reluctant to sleep with you in the first place was because of how intense you have gotten with other girls in the past. Like that shit with Casey last Summer.” The last remark was intended as an olive branch, and perhaps with some self-reflection he might have walked across it and repaired things between them. But predictably he batted it away with a sullen remark. “You’re right it is too crowded”. And turning he walked away.

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