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    Another Boring Day At The Office.

    Detective Inspector Vikki Holmes massaged her forehead and groaned loudly. Her mouth felt like the inside of a vacuum cleaner and she badly wanted to throw up. It had obviously been one hell of a night! Opening her bloodshot eyes, she found to her surprise that she was lying on a park bench. Luckily, at this time of year the temperature was reasonably balmy, for she had no idea how long she'd been there.

    Slowly swinging her legs off the bench, she managed to sit up. Instantly, a searing bolt of pain shot through her head and shoulders. "Jesus, I'm never drinking again!"

    She sat still for a few moments till the pain morphed into a dull ache which she felt she could control long enough to stagger towards home and blessed, paracetamol-induced sleep. The luminous hands of her cheap watch taunted her with the fact that it was nearly five in the morning and the pale flush of dawn confirmed it. Standing shakily, she brushed an unruly tuft of blond hair from her eyes and gathered up her myriad bits and pieces, which had fallen under and around the bench. As she stuffed everything into her cavernous handbag, she glanced down and was dismayed to find that one of her red stilettos was nowhere to be seen. "Oh Fuck!"

    A sudden and loud buzz from her mobile made her drop the handbag, spilling the contents onto the ground once more. Cursing, she fumbled for the vibrating phone, eventually she managed to hold it to her ear and mumble incoherently. The cheerful voice of D.I. Geoffrey Felton on the other end ensured that this was to be no ordinary day.

    "I hope you're wide awake Sherlock, because I've got a real beauty for you. They've just pulled the body of that scumbag Jason White from the river and guess what? He's been stabbed through the heart.....with a fucking red stiletto!"

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    Posted about 1 month ago.

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    1. Señor Spielbergo

      That was quite good actually. Any plans on another little instalment?

      Posted 30 days ago