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    Girl Of Dreams

    Brad approached the tall figure from behind, noting the curvaceous hips and narrow waist. He couldn't help smiling. He whispered to himself as he gazed at the sleek form. "Why don't creatures like you ever fancy people like me?" He had often turned thoughts like this over and over in his mind. At thirty, he was still a young man and he didn't smoke or drink too much. When he eyed himself in the mirror he wasn't repulsed by his reflection, so why didn't girls fancy him. He smiled inwardly and took another step towards the vision. "Come on, you know you want me. Chill out babe, just relax and enjoy it."

    Reaching out, his limp hand brushed her shoulder lightly. There was no movement, no shudder in response. "That's it, honey. No need to be scared, I'm only being friendly." His hand moved across the curve of her upper arm and down to the crook of her elbow. She was looking away from him, her eyes seemingly out of focus as if lost in thought. He loved the vacant expression on her line-free and perfectly tanned face. He tried to remember the first time he had laid eyes on her.

    "You vixen, you must know that I've always fancied you. Come on, why don't you let me help you get changed." His right hand cupped her breast, while his left hand deftly undid the zip at the back of her skirt. With a soft rustle, the garment fell around her ankles. She never even flinched. "Oh yes, that's it. You love it, don't you?" Emboldened, he squeezed her breast a little harder and slipped the fingers of his other hand under the elastic waistband of her panties. Easing the gossamer-like material over her hips, he revealed her perfect buttocks. Perfect tan, perfect skin, she was indeed his perfect woman. Spinning her round, he gazed directly into her pale blue eyes. "You know that I have to strip you, don't you? Yes of course you do, you little minx."

    He removed his hand from her bosom and slapped it down on her backside with a resounding sound. Again, she never flinched. "How beautiful you are, and now you are all mine." He gazed at the nearly naked girl and smiled. He had dreamed about this moment for some time and the reality was not disappointing. Maybe he could steal a kiss. He leaned forward, his plump wet lips pursed.

    "Oh for God sake, Brad! Get a move on will you. We have to be out of here in twenty minutes." The stern face of Mister Grimshaw peered around the curtain at the side of the window. "Come on, get this display finished, or we'll both be sacked." Brad sighed and finished stripping the other mannequins. Working for Hollis and Stanway, had proved quite interesting so far and he had heard that next week, they were planning a lingerie display. "All right, my precious. Don't you worry your pretty head; I'll be back tomorrow to make sure you look your best. Don't go anywhere now, will you?"

    Opening the curtains at the sides of the window, he collected his coat and left the display. Had he glanced back, he may have been a little surprised to see the mannequin give him a sly wink.

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