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    I'm Working On My New Play Titled Beauty's Only Skin Deep. It's A Play About A Very

    I'm working on my new play titled Beauty's Only Skin Deep. It's a play about a very successful singing group from Cleveland Ohio. The singers are sister's. The lead singer of the group name is Beauty. During their tour at the Rock and roll Hall of Fame reveals devistating secrets and betrayals as Beauty is confronted by her sisters suspicions of her drug use. The play is what I call a dromedy a very dramatic comedy. A surprisingly twisting ending That I think will produce a audience of gasps. I love the ride of this play but not sure if everyone will share my passion of this play. There should be laughter and maybe tears as well as some What The?? Moments. I believe

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    Posted 8 months ago.

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    1. Jack Gruber

      Sounds interesting. Will there be music in it or will it be all talking? You should post a few of the better excerpts from the play to give people a sense of whats it about and an example of the "dromedy". Although some people might called that tragicomedy.

      Posted 8 months ago