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    Im working on a handwritten note.
    Please don’t ignore me, and critique away!

    Dear Who I Could Of Been,

    Happy 300th Birthday,

    I’ve been living in applications everyday.
    I’m told houses, built by humans will replace our robots.

    It’s hard to imagine life without a robot. The sexting, on-line dating keeps misery at a distance. I’m told romance will no longer be something to read about, and humans will fall in love.

    To fall forward into a time when humans will use their lips to kiss. Internets of occupations will be replaced by human affections. I’m told lyricists will earn the largest income; trained to sing from human throat.

    The throat is voicebox for words. I am told that computers, cell phones, and wi-fi will be sold as re-sale, a tinkers pastime toy.

    The breath of humans will freely live in homes, make body- love narrate stories, sing songs, and play a lot.

    Will you up from the grave to join me?

    Your Friend,

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    Posted 8 months ago.

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    1. Boris Johnson

      I’m trying to understand it, but I don’t. Feels very James Joyce stream on consciousness but and I can’t discover it’s meaning? Is it a note to your past or future self?

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. mdoll

      I had to read your note twice to grasp the concept. It’s the future but the present where robots and the Internet of Things has taken charge. The world now foresees the future as humans possibly taking charge (correct me if I’m wrong). I have to say this is a very interesting idea. It’s a reverse of roles of what we currently experience and what we currently foresee. I think this would be a great story line for a series. Perhaps a Black Mirror episode.

      Posted 8 months ago