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    Hurricane Jack

    Short story-would love any feedback I can get. What’s good? What’s not? Did you enjoy it?

    It was a warm and humid summer day. The sun was coming close to setting as several people were arriving at Joe and Kevin’s house. The roommates share a small two bedroom house.

    Since it was Friday, Joe decided to have an end of the work week party. Several people had already shown up and the alcohol was flowing freely.

    Nothing noteworthy had happened till Jessica walked through the door. She and May had been feuding for a couple days, after Jessica tried to steal May’s boyfriend.

    May jumped up and got right up in Jessica’s face. Yelling, she better stay away from my man!

    This, of course, had everyone’s attention. Most of all Jack. He got it in his head that they were about the brawl and needed more room. Jack had also been there the longest and drank the most out of anyone.

    He grabbed a small end table from the corner and picked it up. Looking around, he headed into Kevin’s bedroom and placed the end table in the middle of the bed.

    Walking out of the room, the situation was over almost as quickly as it had started. But Jack had it in his head to move the furniture. He didn’t remember why, but after a couple more pieces of furniture, more and more people noticed what he was doing and were egging him on.

    Being such a small house, there wasn’t a lot of furniture that he could move and left in his condition. But there was enough.

    As Kevin pulled in the driveway, he noticed the cars but didn’t care because it had been a long day and all he wanted was to make it to his bed and sleep.

    There was a dim light coming from the kitchen. It illuminated the other rooms enough for him to navigate between the people who had passed out throughout the house.

    He entered his bedroom and closed the door before turning on the light. His shoulders dropped and his activation hit the roof. Some pieces of furniture were shoved out of the way, onto the floor where others were carefully set off to the side. All the while he was saying I don’t have time for this. Those idiots will fix this in the morning, so help me.

    Once the bed was cleared, he rolled into it and wrapped up in his comforter. Sleep hit him almost instantly. Yet morning came all too soon. Opening his eyes, he grabbed his phone to check the time. Shortly after he pulled up his social media account.

    The front of his feed read “hurricane Jack hits downtown. Localized in a single bedroom. 0 death 2 injured from inebriation. “ Accompanied were pictures of Jack, arms in the air, slouching over with bloodshot eyes and a beer balancing on a shelf next to him.

    The end.

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    Posted 8 months ago.

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    1. Jack Gruber

      It all somewhat made sense until the end. I can’t really figure what that last paragraph was about.

      Posted 8 months ago