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    My big brother Frannie took me to see ‘Herbie rides again’. He was told to do it by my parents, who probably wanted an hour to themselves. I was 9yrs old. The Estoria was a rundown forlorn place, but a great place and the ‘Volkswagen’ enthralled me so much. I never missed ‘big brother’ until he slid back into the seat beside me near the end. Duty done! I begged him to take me again. So I was introduced to Clint, was He the good the bad, or the ugly, I can’t remember, but the theme music ...Na na na na ...na ..na ..na ... still causes goosebumps to rise.

    I remember Ben Hur; Dad took us to the Savoy. I recall being afraid I would catch leprosy and wondering would Charlton bring me food every day? This anxiety was relieved by being taught by Sister Damien, she was lovely...sure she had the name of the Saint who looked after lepers.

    I went out with a fella; we met at the Roller disco...I never fell on my arse, but he did. I like to think he fell for me. We both loved the Savoy; let’s face it there wasn’t much else for young love to do at the time. Sister Benedict’s advice was nailed inside my head “always make room for the Holy Spirit girls”, so I guess the Savoy seats did just that. Every Friday we went to watch anything that moved on the big screen.
    One particular girl who I found out later fancied my beau, spread horrendous rumours in school that following Monday. During “Endless Love” ...She spouted that my beau and I were stuck with glue at the mouth. She happened to be sitting behind us as Brooke and Martin were entwined beside a roaring fireplace. All I remember is Lionel and Diana singing their hearts out! My endless love...ended soon after that!

    John Travolta.....what a pair of hips, so glad “staying alive” is now part of CPR ...who wouldn’t want to succumb to an erratic heartbeat! I would die happy someone pumping me to heaven or hell.
    He returned to give me chills as a grease monkey ...that was an electrifying summer...along with Gary Numan who wondered about his friends.

    Then there was Jaws, all three movies, but none to scare the crap out of you like the first one. Swimming in the sea was never pleasurable after seeing Dreyfuss try to outwit that shark!

    I don’t remember the day Kennedy died. How could I? I was but a twinkle in my Father’s eye. But Kevin told us all about it. Oliver wasn’t stoned, but people did say it was a conspiracy. I don’t think Jack Lemon lived too long after that to tell any more bitter tales.

    Harrison was like me, he didn’t like spiders but boy he could crack a whip. Rolling stones gather no moss, but they nearly splattered Harrison.
    How the hell did he have the energy to be Indiana after fighting against the Galactic Empire? Some Man for one Man, Darth I admit scared the bejaysus out of me, he was like a huge big black tracheotomy invading your space, enough to put you off cigarettes for life.

    I had read the book, and the whole Cinema was silent as the lambs bleated. Dear Jesus when Jodie crawled under the garage door and found the moths.....didn’t she ever hear of Vapona? You would think the spray would be part of the F.B.I issued arms, along with the pepper. I think ‘precious’ was just the wrong casting. What an unlikely pair, the Senator’s generously built daughter with a bijon frieze, never made sense to me but Anthony did surprise me, a well-meaning vet in All Creatures Great and Small to turn into a cannibal, now who would have thought?....anyone feeling peckish?
    More recently I went to see Dunkirk, sure Thomas could star in an ad bout tea bags, and I would gladly give up my coffee for tea. Some critics said it was a huge disappointment. All I remember is seeing the gory glory, tasting the saltwater and hearing those spitfires, feeling the vibrations coming up through your feet. What it must have been like to be a survivor on that beach. It surrounded you it was in you the fear of what those poor desolate men went through, all thanks to Digital surround. A far cry from the whirr of the projector in the Estoria!

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    Posted 8 months ago.

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    1. Big Daddy Kane

      What can I say other than I really enjoyed that.

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. Jack Gruber

      "Darth I admit scared the bejaysus out of me, he was like a huge big black tracheotomy invading your space, enough to put you off cigarettes for life." Ill had a proper lol at that.

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. Janet

      Thank you so much glad it caused a chuckle !

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. Jeffrey Lebowski

      An Aliens, Terminator and Shawshank Redemption reference and it would be complete :)

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. Janet

      Thank you for that ..yes hoping to redraft and add a bit more

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. mdoll

      It def made me laugh. Liked the way it you moved from one movie to the next.

      Posted 8 months ago

    1. Mehoop Admin

      This is has been voted post of the week and shall be shared across all our social media :)

      Posted 7 months ago

    1. Janet

      wow thank you !

      Posted 7 months ago