• Writer: Geraldine

  1. A Two Man Job

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    Paud dragged the body by the legs through the woods. He huffed and puffed, despite all the time he’d spent on the treadmill, trying to pass the time until his release date.
    Jimmy was shag-all help. “Me hiatus hernia is actin’ up again. The doc tol’ me not ta lift a bi...

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    Posted 9 months ago.

  2. This Is A Standalone Flash Piece. I Think There Might Be Some Confusion As To Who Is Speaking? All Comments Welcome.

    Yer Wan
    -She wouldn’t wear out her tongue talking to you, Maggie, a gilly.
    -That she wouldn’t, Breda, love. A cute hoor.
    -Cute indeed. ‘Twould be a long time before she’d think of blackening her arse and going mad.
    -‘Twould surely. She wouldn’t be caught doing the donkey.
    -That she wouldn’t....

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    Posted 10 months ago.